Welcome to JKI Bethel’s website! JKI Bethel is a charismatic church in Orange, California. We hope that our church can provide a home for the Indonesian community, a transitional help for new immigrants, and an empowerment for families! Being a family-oriented church, both young and old love to spend time together as one community. You are valued and you are welcomed to join JKI Bethel. Along with our church in Orange, we also have many JKI churches in different locations to serve you closer to your home.

May you experience God’s love and power in our Sunday services and home groups, as well as in your own lives. We hope to equip you as God’s shining light in your workplaces, schools, families and communities.  Let us know how we can serve you and help you grow in Christ.

Once again, welcome to the JKI Bethel home page, and we hope to see you on Sunday!